Easily Cool Any Space With This Revolutionary And Portable Air Cooler

Suffering in the Heat but the Price of Air Conditioning is Just Too High? Fresh-R Mini AirCooler is the Best Solution Against Heatwaves

At home or in the office it is hot and you feel terrible. You desperately want to cool down. You do not shoot anything. You are sweaty and you are ashamed of it. The fan is not strong enough. You are outside and there is no fan. Buying or using air conditioning is too expensive. Watching TV, reading, working in the garage, sitting on the patio, in RV’s, camping or boating – Fresh-R Mini AirCooler easily goes anywhere with you. With this amazing new device called Fresh-R Mini AirCooler, your worries are off the hook and you can take advantage of the benefits of advanced technology. This keeps your head cool wherever you are, without the need for a power outlet.

Don’t suffer in the heat anymore. The Fresh-R Mini AirCooler will cool the air around you anywhere for only pennies a day. Fresh-R cools and humidifies as well as purifies the air around you. This lightweight, compact personal cooling unit plugs into any standard electrical outlet or USB port providing fresh, cool, comforting air indoors as well as outdoors.

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How Does Fresh-R Mini AirCooler Work?

Using the principals of nature, this compact, go anywhere space cooling unit uses an evaporative filter which sucks in hot, dry, uncomfortable air transforming it into a cleaner, moister, cooler air. It’s easy to operate: just add water, plug it in, set the 3-speed built-in thermostat control, turn it on and make your personal space instantly more comfortable and refreshing. It is easy to use and you are quickly cooled down. Fresh-R cools the hot air as the water evaporates and fills the room with cool, clean air.

There’s no freon involved, making it an environmentally friendly, energy efficient cooling alternative for homes, offices, campers, tents, patios, terraces, balconies and more. Weighing only 2.2 pounds makes it convenient to carry and use anywhere you want more comfortably cool air. This personal cooling unit mimics nature, using the same principal and power of water evaporation without any harmful, damaging chemicals. Its energy efficiency is another plus for the environment. It also features a built-in-controllable and energy efficient LED night light.

What Makes Fresh-R Mini AirCooler So Revolutionary?

Fresh-R Mini AirCooler is enhanced with the Advanced Proximity Motion Sensor that trims your electrical bill even more by automatically turning the unit off when not in use. After 2 minutes of inactivity, the built-in motion sensor will turn your Fresh-R unit off, saving even more on the cost of operating this efficient cooling unit. The quiet control operation of this low-profile personal cooling unit will never disturb reading, concentration or sleeping. It replaces old-fashioned, noisy fans that only move hot air around by providing a cooled, moist comfortable air, quietly, effectively with energy efficiency.

Even if you have an air-conditioned room or central air conditioning Fresh-R Mini AirCooler will provide the ultimate in personal cooling while cutting your energy bills. Turn the room air conditioner down or off, raise the thermostat on your central air while you keep your personal space, cool and comfortable with the purified air of your personal cooling station. Why air-condition an entire room or home when you are only in one spot, cooking, reading, watching TV or checking your social media? You only need water and an electrical outlet to bring a cool atmosphere of purified air along wherever you live, work or travel. If you’re still hoping to stay cool with a personal fan, it’s time to switch and experience the cooling difference of a personal unit for pennies a day.

What Features Fresh-R Mini AirCooler Has?

  • Cool Your Room Easily

    During the summer months, keeping your home cool is important, especially your bedroom.

  • Easy to Use for All Ages

    Fresh-R is an easy way for those of all ages to cool down when hard at work. Whether homework or playtime, it will work to keep you cool at all times.

  • Fan with 3 Different speeds

    The fan has 3 different speeds to meet all your needs. Try it if you sleep, work or exercise!

  • USB Powered

    You do not have to pay a fortune on your electricity bill. Fresh-R Mini AirCooler can be also powered by powerbank making it portable and the best solution for travel.

  • Freon Free & Eco-Friendly

     All the dirty hot passes from Fresh-R turns into Cool and Clean Air.

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What Customers Say About Fresh-R Mini AirCooler?

Perfect for your bedroom or study table, you will get almost the same cooling effect as the real aircondition, especially if you put very cold water or lots of ice. You can also put aroma scent on the water tank, we will definitely try that one too!


I purchased this because my in laws guest room gets really hot. It is a small air conditioner maybe the size of two of my hands. I didn’t realize that the air conditioner was really powerful. I like that it has 3 settings. I am a huge fan of the fact that it is also a purifier/ humidifier.


We live in Germany and have NO AC so the house can get a bit hot. Wherever I’m at in the house I bring it with me and it definitely cools me down. For colder results put ice in the back of the try and fill in with water. I would definitely recommend to others!


Conclusion: Is it worth it?

The Fresh-R Mini AirCooler provides an unbelievable value with personal cool space at an affordable price using a technology that is environmentally friendly, free from chemicals, while running at maximum energy efficiency. It’s perfectly designed with built-in energy saving Advanced Proximity Motion Sensor, LED Night Light, 3 Speed Control, Reusable Filter, all in a low profile, lightweight easy to carry unit.

It is the next generation in personal cooling. Buy Fresh-R Mini AirCooler to replace any ineffective portable fan that just moves around hot air and start enjoying a cool comfortable, relaxing space for work, hobbies, gaming, reading, watching TV, or even cooking.

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Suffering In The Heat But The Price Of Air Conditioning Is Just Too High? This Revolutionary Invention Promises To Change It All

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